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  • Looking for ceilidh bands specialising in wedding ceilidhs. birthday party ceilidhs and corporate Scottish traditional music? Scotland's Ceildih Band provides professional caller and high-tech disco.

  • Planning a birthday party, anniversary or graduation party? Ceilidh nights plus high-tech. disco can be a great way to ensure a memorable graduation, anniversary or birthday party event. People of all ages love the energy, dancing and fun atmosphere of a ceilidh and combined with our professional disco the evening becomes even more fun.

  • Ceilidh music and disco provided for your wedding, special function or corporate event. Professional dance caller and musicians guarantee great ceilidh music and a super party atmosphere.

  • Ceilidh dancing for wedding, social or corporate event? Scotland's Ceilidh Band provide expert dance callers and will walk and talk you through the ceilidh dancing - every step of the way. Ceilidh disco arrangements available on request.

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  • Need a string quartet, scottish piper or harpist at your wedding, corporate or special function. We can provide any musician you require on request and on our personal recommendation.

  • Ceilidh dances required for your wedding, corporate or special function? We can provide a ceilidh dance band that will talk and walk you - every step of the way. Professional ceilidh dance callers guarantee a great party atmosphere.

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  • Looking for great ceilidh bands.... Scotland's ceilidh band specialise in providing ceilidhs for Scottish weddings, corporate functions, birthday and all party functions as well as fundraising events.

  • Looking Scottish dance bands specialising in wedding ceilidhs. birthday party ceilidhs and corporate Scottish traditional music? Come and find out what our Scottish dance band can offer you.

  • Scottish wedding traditions, folk lore and superstitions - some that have lasted to present day. The Scottish wedding is renowned the world over for it's romance, splendour and great enjoyment for all on the special day.

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  • Ceilidhs are well suited to school and student party events. Scotland's Ceilidh Band provide dance caller, high-tech disco and top quality music to ensure your event is memorable.

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  • Looking for a wedding ceilidh band. Scotland's Ceilidh Band provide wedding entertainment for functions large and small. All ceilidh dances demonstrated and ceilidh disco also available for hire. Traditional Scottish wedding ceilidhs a speciality.

"We enjoyed ourselves from the moment we arrived - till the last waltz. You were great and the caller did a magnificent job of including everyone" - J. Smith, Dalry

"I didn't know what to expect as it had been years since I had been to a ceilidh, let alone booked one! However, from the moment I contacted you, I received nothing but helpfulness and reassurance. My daughter's wedding will be remembered for years to come". - A. Harkness, Edinburgh

"We needed to raise money for charity at short notice and didn't know where to start. On the recommendation of one of our members we contacted Scotland's Ceildh Band, and both the fundraising advice and the event itself surpassed all our expectations - we raised over £1000 on the night." - D. Jeffreys, Glasgow

"Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without the fun and entertainment you gave us  - you'll be remembered for years to come." - M. Bowes, Glasgow

"You're ability to get an audience on the floor and dancing the stops was amazing - half of our audience were from England and didn't know what a ceildh was until they met you!" - S. Purvis - Portsmouth